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An introduction to Stem Cell

Cells that have the ability to divide and develop into different cell types in the body during early life and growth are called stem cells. These cells may also help repair the body by dividing to replenish cells that are damaged by normal wear, disease, or injury. When a stem cell divides, the new cells have the potential to either remain as a stem cell (self-renewal), or to become another type of cell with a more specialised function such as a red blood cell, brain cell, skin cell or nerve cell.

The special thing about stem cells is that they have the ability to regenerate human tissues, and have a homing effect that directs itself at a damaged organ or body part to heal it. Many scientists favour stem cells as the ‘fountain of youth’, or ‘health panacea’, simply because of its natural ability to not only counteract with the damage that are caused by aging, but also improve the immune system, stamina, memory, skin conditions and libido, as well as regulating hormone imbalance and lessening bone and joint pain.


Sources of Stem Cells

Human stem cells from human can be taken from bone marrow, dental pulp, adipose tissue, cord blood and umbilical cord.

Basically there are few known types of stem cells available:

Embroynic Stem Cells - The stem cells that arise during the firsts days of mammalian embryonic development.

Fetal Stem Cells - Primitive cell types found in the organs of fetuses. Neural crest stem cells, fetal hematopoietic stem cells and pancreatic islet progenitors have been isolated in abortuses.

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells - Umbilical Cord’s matrix termed Wharton ‘s Jelly has been a source for isolation of mesenchymal stem cells.

Adult Stem Cells- There are 2 major type of Adult Stem Cells

  1. Haematopoietic Stem Cell - Found in bone marrow and peripheral blood
  2. Mesenchymal Stem Cell - Found in bone marrow, fat tissue and dental pulp

Regenerate sources of stem cells


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why you need Cell Life Regenerative & Healthy Aging Therapy?

    As we age, stem cells are diminished in our body with the number of old cells dying each day exceeded the new ones generated. Our body stem cells do not have the ability to renew and replicate into functional cell to maintain the normal function of the organs. Disease, illness, human habits like smoking, drinking excessively, lack of exercise, malnourishment and mental depression will reduce the life span of the stem cells. With our therapy,it will increase the number of stem cells in the body and potentially be a new method to combat the effect of aging, the new and young cells will repair & regenerate your body, thereby create better health benefits.

  • How is Cell Life Regenerative & Healthy Aging Therapy works?

    The processed Cell Therapy is injected intra muscularly into the patient. Characterized by low immunogenicity and any recipients can use it.
The Cell Therapy will release the new cells, which will seek and stimulate old cells in the body thereby promoting better health benefits.

  • How do Cell Life Regenerative & Healthy Aging Therapy help in wellness and healthy aging?

    Our Therapy ensures adequate number of new cells generated each day to compensate the old cells that are removed from the body. Due to aging, our body will decrease the stem cells production hence in order to achieve tens to hundreds of millions of stem cells, these stem cells should culture in a clean and sterile laboratory before injecting back. With this, it will ensure the consistency of stem cells quality and numbers for each injection.

  • How is the treatment process?

    The treatment process is extremely simple. The stem cells are administered at your hospital or clinic through a saline drip and infused into your vein or by deep intramuscular injection. The process will only take 15-30 minutes. Your doctor will assess you thoroughly to make sure that you are eligible for stem cells treatments. It may include questionnaire, simple blood test, cancer genetic screening tests which only requires to be done at the beginning of the therapy and repeated at 6 to 12 monthly intervals to quantify the improvements of your body and health.

  • What reactions may occur after the therapy?

    After the therapy, usually results in a short-term improvement of your conditions and makes you feel a vitality boost. This stage begins between a few hours and 1 day at most after the therapy, followed by an immuno-biological response period during which the subjects may feel mild lassitude the preceding discomfort may further aggravate. It will last for at least 4-6 months beginning from 3rd- 4th weeks. The efficacy is fairly significant during this period; the physiological characteristics can improve significantly. Blood supply to the skin will become better in addition to steady improvement on patient’s physical and mental endurance. Viable cell therapy can improve disease condition of the impaired organs and sometimes, may even cure the disease completely.

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